des festivals et des serpents

Ce week-end, nous serons en dédicace au festival de Massillargues-Atuech dans le Gard. Et sinon en ce moment j’ai une femme-serpent en route, travail en cours ci-dessous !


10 Responses to “des festivals et des serpents”

  1. Lothar Moricaine

    Salut les popains !
    ça fait un bail hein ?
    Dites, c’est quand que vous viendez dans mon coin.
    à Champ sur Layon ou autres….
    Hein, dites !

  2. capu

    oh oui dis donc !
    bin je pensais ptet y passer avec mes parents et lenka fin juillet, mais on a pas fixé notre circuit encore !

  3. Lothar Moricaine

    ah oué mais fin juillet je serai pas là non pu…
    damned !
    (en plus j’l'ai jamais vu votre fille… c’est quand qu’elle passe le permis ?)

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    Hey, killer job on that one you guys!

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  6. Dvmanh

    Aloha Dear One,It is both refreshing and puifnal to read your words. I ache for you often and pray for the day when this ordeal has worked its magick on you so that you may continue unimpeded in your efforts to help others. You are in my heart, well and truly.I wanted to share with you a visualization that brings much lightness to Stacey and I. Many years ago, Stacey introduced me to the concept of the Teflon-coated Bubble of Niceness. We have one around our house and, not infrequently, I build one around myself when feeling uncertain, uncomfortable or attacked. The nice thing about this is that Nothing sticks to Teflon easily. Knowing the bubble is there, deflecting all sorts of danger and/or ill-will, is something that makes our home more comfortable and secure. With our Bubbles, all that is healthy and good flows thru with no issues whatsoever and any negative energy is repelled effortlessly.I was envisioning one for you, my friend, and I see this egg-shaped shimmering shell with you sitting in the middle on a mound of Earth. Curiously, there is a moat encircling the outer edges of where the egg disappears into the ground and underneath you. I’ve never seen the moat before..maybe its to dissolve the negative energy which can’t get thru the shell but must only flow harmlessly away.As always, my prayers are with you, supporting and loving you from very far away.Your friend,Wayne BowP.S. Virginia showed up yesterday on my morning walk with MoJo. She’s been missing for 2 months! I heard a little meow, called her name and out she ran. Her fur is a little dull but otherwise she appears to have been well-fed and is healthy. Amazing to me that she returned..I had feared the worst. She’s been hanging out very close to the house since then and is sleeping in front of me as I type this. The Bows are very grateful! Namaste! WB

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